2009-06-18 11:46:06 by Greg-Anims

Right, ive been working on a game for a while, go play it: HERE

If anyone out there wants to make a game with me, you can code something amazing, and il draw some childish doodles over the top of that. Let me know :)


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2009-06-18 11:48:04

Great game :D


2009-06-18 17:53:18

I saw the game on FGL,

I'm glad you got yourself a good sponsor!


2009-06-18 20:18:42

hey i watched that justice documentary

the bus driver is hilarious

ps. how are you! nice to see youre making games

Greg-Anims responds:

Hey man! :) good to hear from you too, yeah i LOVE justice, and i respond to you in PM now.


2009-06-19 09:48:52

ahaha cracked up the "use boxmen" secret ehehehe 100% complete ^ ^ guess im 1st? mm i got something to ask what song is the guitar one? cant find on the songs list you put here?? the guitar one s real kickin ass
thx for the game man i really appreciate it ^ ^ four thumbs up from me ehehe

Greg-Anims responds:

its in the audio portal somewhere, by binary guy.. but i cant find it so its not in the credits... you just gotta search i guess


2009-06-30 18:14:17

It is an awesome game. Not very challenging to me, though. I never even had to press "reset" the first time I played it. Good job anyway. :D


2009-07-14 09:06:29

You find coding frustrating ? I suppose it is when there are them annoying bugs but besides that, coding is my sexy time.
That was a fun game btw, it took me sooo long due to my retardation but I finally got it.


2009-08-18 21:06:05

hey man! I played boxmen, and it was awesome! Its just...well...when i looked through all the music links, you left out the song with the accoustic guitar. Could you possibly tell me what song that is? Id really appreciate it!


2009-09-20 16:41:14

Boxmen was a good game with good music, but one day I wanted to listen to the song with the acoustic guitar, and i couldnt find a link. what is the name of that song?