2011-04-22 09:50:21 by Greg-Anims

So i just posted an old animation up onto newgrounds (after some editing and tweaks), i dont expect a good response really as the movie isnt even finished but it seemed a shame not to share it, i thought i may as well upload.

Right now i am working on a game with a mate, Sam who is coding it. It is a platformer where you use a grapple hook, and a jetpack to navigate deadly skyscapers with fluid movment. You will also be able to make/share your own levels and hopefully it will have animated cutscenes and a full story to boot!

Heres a few plays im having with the art style, i want it to look and move amazingly well, and i know the coding is gonna be solid because im not doing it! haha. Thanks for reading, il be blogging onto NG again now, this community is too good to leave :)

Also, check out: Tom Briens page as he is creating a full feature title from his awesome game- no time to explain



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