SkullFace Trailer Released

2012-09-02 12:51:30 by Greg-Anims

My new game SkullFace (previously known as grapplePack) has had a weird development cycle.. my coder left and so i just decided to make the game myself. It has changed a lot but finally it is almost here. Featuring: 45 levels across 3 unique worlds, new hazards and gameplay elements every few levels, original soundtrack, final boss, jetpacks, rolling, walljumping, highscore-boards, cutscenes...

Take a look at the trailer:

Thanks NG!

SkullFace Trailer Released

grapplePack platformer update

2011-05-12 18:39:57 by Greg-Anims

The burn victims arch nemesis- lava! Draws the eye much better than the spikes, i'm having everything that can kill be you very very obvious, and the background is less obtrusive now- it also scrolls parallax on several layers so its sexy as hell. We're just coming out of a little grind where the obvious art and engine stuff is being complete, and we can start being playful with the game. Something which gives me a big geek boner are game objects that work dynamically with each other- from a handful of objects you want the most outcomes when you combine them. We have lots of them. Things like tnt that causes chain reaction explosions destroying blocks in its path, to enemies you can lure to trigger switches, kill each other, trigger tnt, use to block projectiles. When it comes out i think people will use the editor to make crazy shit we never even thought of.

Theres also some animated sprites on my blog if you wanna see how it will move. Thanks Newgrounds!

grapplePack platformer update

grapplePack Game Dev

2011-04-24 12:29:03 by Greg-Anims

Development is going great, It used to be this game like mirrors edge, with focus on fluid movement through a level, it is super fun swinging through these skyscrapers in the sky and the sense of momentum is spot on, sam is a great coder.

However, its not good enough! Im making games i wanna play and i want danger and threat in the levels. We are changing the engine to a tile engine too, so players can put together epic levels in half the time, they look great and can be huge. Im faking a lot of the lighting/clouds in the background so that it still runs full speed on old computers.

Heres a mockup prototype of some tiles, final game will look somewhat like this, only waaay more badass. You can read more on the blog, and il be blogging regularly here too. Cheers newgrounds!

( ps- who else has MK9? im loving it. Smoke or kitana are my favorite so far just for their speed and trolling moves :p 360GamerTag is: gregserg if anyone wants to play )

grapplePack Game Dev


2011-04-22 09:50:21 by Greg-Anims

So i just posted an old animation up onto newgrounds (after some editing and tweaks), i dont expect a good response really as the movie isnt even finished but it seemed a shame not to share it, i thought i may as well upload.

Right now i am working on a game with a mate, Sam who is coding it. It is a platformer where you use a grapple hook, and a jetpack to navigate deadly skyscapers with fluid movment. You will also be able to make/share your own levels and hopefully it will have animated cutscenes and a full story to boot!

Heres a few plays im having with the art style, i want it to look and move amazingly well, and i know the coding is gonna be solid because im not doing it! haha. Thanks for reading, il be blogging onto NG again now, this community is too good to leave :)

Also, check out: Tom Briens page as he is creating a full feature title from his awesome game- no time to explain


new game

2011-01-03 16:24:43 by Greg-Anims

Hey NG!

Play my new game:



2009-06-18 11:46:06 by Greg-Anims

Right, ive been working on a game for a while, go play it: HERE

If anyone out there wants to make a game with me, you can code something amazing, and il draw some childish doodles over the top of that. Let me know :)

my website. it is here. ok.

2007-09-29 13:45:31 by Greg-Anims